If you are not convinced that you can get that perfectly filtered hit out of a straight bong, you haven’t tried this percolation beast by Tsunami Glass. Equipped with four HoneyComb disc, a turbine disc and ice notches, this bong has been created to deliver the smoothest hits available.

As the smoke travels through the reinforced fixed downstem it moves upwards into the HoneyComb discs. The holes in the discs break up the smoke into smaller particles, which increases the surface area, allowing the smoke to cool a lot faster.

After the smoke is filtered by the four HoneyComb discs it reaches the turbine disc. The angles of the blades move the water into a spinning vortex, which is not just fascinating to watch, but it cools down the smoke even more. If you like your hits chilled, simply place a few ice cubes in the tube for that ultimate ice cold rip.

This powerful straight percolator ice bong comes in high-quality clear borosilicate glass. Besides an all clear version, the Tsunami Glass Straight Ice Bong with Quadruple HoneyComb Disc is also available with colored accents on the percolator discs and the rim of the mouthpiece and foot in the colors: amber, blue and green. Choose the color of your preference in the dropdown menu when you place your order.

►Material : Borosilicate Glass ✔

►Height : 450mm ✔

►Grind : 18,8mm ✔

►Ice : YES ✔

►Kickhole : NO

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