Trump Tower Make it high again

Trump Tower Make it high again


And on we go with the 3rd strike of the special ‘Black Leaf’ series – we present the ‘Trump Tower’-Bong!
While the predecessor said modestly: ‘Yes, we can(nabis)!’, the Trump-Bong promises a great high, higher than the Trump tower itself. Because the classic cylinder bong made of 5mm borosilicate glass offers everything a good bong needs:
A plug-in system with diffuser adapter for initial smoke cooling and filtering, a bowl for herbs with large capacity and roll stopper, a kickhole as well as a large ice chamber for many cooling ice cubes.
The unmistakable exclusive print of Mr. Donald T. is, of course, the work of our designer Sly.

This bong edition is limited again!

►Material : Borosilicate Glass ✔

►Height : 500mm ✔

►Diameter : 50mm ✔

►Grind : SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm) ✔

►Ice : YES ✔

►Kickhole : NO

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