The cache glass bong by MJ Arsenal

The cache glass bong by MJ Arsenal


The first traditional waterpipe from MJ Arsenal of course packs in some unique features. This compact version of the classic traditional beaker form comes with a unique built-in storage chamber complete with a cork seal.Pair it with an ice catcher, quad-slit fixed downstem and you got one all-inclusive bong that’s just as smooth as it’s bigger cousins.


  • 18 cm Tall
  • Integrated Dry Herb Storage Jar
  • Quad-slit percolator
  • 10mm Connection
  • Bowl Included


  • (1) MJ Arsenal Cache
  • (1) 10mm Quartz Banger

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1 review for The cache glass bong by MJ Arsenal

A small sized bong, really handy since it has a designated spot to carry your stuff. Portable and great otherwise, 5 stars.

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