The Bulldog 4 Parts Grinder 60mm

The Bulldog 4 Parts Grinder 60mm


This clear blue plastic grinder is much more than just a great looking grinder, it’s a lightweight well built tool for all smokers that need the right type of durable grinder to perfectly break up their herb mix or tobacco and store reserve herb, papers and tips for later use. The grinder comes with magnetic closure and has shark shaped teeth that effortlessly break up and shred the herb mix or tobacco to the desired consistency.

The grinder is decorated with the famous bulldog color image and the words The Bulldog and Amsterdam running around the top of the lid. The grinder is easy to clean and comes with two stash areas for excess herb,  filter tips or rolling papers.

This easy to use 4-piece travel friendly grinder is perfect for smokers who want a reliable, lightweight grinder that also has two secure storage compartments.

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