Qnubu Press Pro Hydraulic

Qnubu Press Pro Hydraulic


Qnubu presents this Rosin press, a great unit from which to obtain professional results. Qnubu company is specialised in cannabinoid extraction equipment offering a range of high-quality Rosin presses.

This 20 Ton hydraulic press allows users to get the maximum possible resin safely without any solvents used. The rapidly obtained cannabis extraction is safe for consumption, with a valuable terpenes content in the end product.

The individually heated plates are 12cm x 12cm in size, enough to extract a few dozens of grams in each procedure. Using a classic cannabis variety we can expect a yield of 10% and 30% for the most resinous plants.

The temperature is adjustable and it is displayed in the two unit screens. The reading is simple thanks to these clear and precise digital displays. Plates can be heated up to 250°C, but our recommendation is not exceeding a temperature of 90°C to make good use of the unit in order to obtain an optimal and quality extraction.

The Qnubu press has an acoustic alarm indicating when to release the pressure. The timer can be set up to 999 seconds, but our recommendation (in the same way we advised about the temperature) would be not to exceed a maximum of 2 or 3 minutes.

The pressure is applied thanks to the pump located on the unit side also equipped with a pressure gauge where the pressure exerted is known at any time. We advise you to apply the pressure progressively during your extraction so that the bag does not break.

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