Our rolling tray, the PURIZE® Pocket KIT, is an exclusive and limited PURIZE® special edition.

With magnetic top & bottom our Pocket KIT is the perfect solution when being out and about, ensuring you are always well equipped!

The PURIZE® Pocket KIT contains a Clipper®, an aluminium grinder, a packet of Brown Rolls and 6 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size active carbon filters. A new doobiewood® set & a 20 pcs. bag of Regular Size active carbon filters is also included.

The PURIZE® Pocket KIT also contains 6 practical recesses which can be used to conveniently hold active carbon filters as well as finished roll-ups. We also have ensured there is space for our beloved doobiewood®.

You will find a recess for all common Clipper® lighters on the right hand side. A slot for Brown Rolls is also available. The grinder hole measures approx. 40 mm in diameter, ensuring a perfect fit for your favourite grinder.

IMPORTANT: wood is a natural product!
Small differences in optic & surface feel should be taken into consideration and don’t represent a reason for a claim!

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1 review for PURIZE® Pocket KIT

My guy, let me tell you about my motherfucking Pocket Kit. That’s right son, it’s a wooden box with stuff in it. It’s not a average box, this is some shit I bought in Placebo shop. The cover looks like a normal box and you have no idea what is it until you open it. It has the holes carved in it, one for each fucking item son. You have there everything you need to roll a perfect joint without doing a mess. Carbon filters, papers in a roll, lighter and even sharp as hell grinder. Everything keeps together strong magnets so there is even High Tech involved.I carry it with me where ever I go and use when I need. When everyone else is pulling out their normal papers to take roll on hand or whatever place they find, I pull out my PURIZE POCKET KIT. Motherfuckers are like, this is a choice individual. Our upcoming joint was just rolled on a fucking handmade piece of wood cutted during full moon several years ago. This guy cares about me and what we are doing in the future. I feel cared for.
I was living a lie before I purchased one of these sets. I don’t even know who I was before that.

Also, Placebo customer service is 10/10 they don’t mind risking THEIR OWN LIFE EVEN DURING GLOBAL PANDEMIC to make a customer happy. Totally recommend.

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