PURIZE® Glass 690 XTRA Slim

PURIZE® Glass 690 XTRA Slim


New and perfect for collectors: Our 690 glass, consisting of all our colour variations!

Perfect for real PURIZE® supporters who also value aesthetics. Our PURIZE® glass filled with 690 XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters in green, organic, pink and blue is limited and includes all our colour variations. And of course you get the quality you are used to: our coconut-based activated carbon filters in XTRA Slim Size format. In addition, our glass creates a good supply for you, which you can also present in an attractive way. The glass protects the filters from external influences and you can be sure that your filters are perfectly stored and protected from external influences. In addition, you save a lot of money compared to smaller packaging units and thus save a little bit on your wallet. 😉


– Contains all colour variants
– Good protection against external influences
– Exclusive product

In addition, there is a hand-signed tag from our team on each glass!

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