Phoenician medium grey 4 parts grinder

Phoenician medium grey 4 parts grinder


Phoenician 4 Part Herb Grinder Medium

Phoenician Engineering having been very creative with their high quality grinders. These premium 4-Piece grinders have been designed from the ground up with every features being given attention to ensure that you get the best grinding experience possible. A Patent pending lock notch design system with magnets, rubber bands for better grip and replaceable screens!

Top Quality Grinder From Phoenician Engineering

These grinders have been designed with a modular design making it super versatile to be able to meet your needs. So if you’re smoking at home and want to grind up all your herbs for a big session, or if you just want to take it out with you to your favourite outdoor smoking spot, the Phoenician 4-Piece can do it all.

Phoenician Grinder Screen

The grinder screen included with the Phoenician grinder is easy to replace. Replacement screens are sold separately in 3 different sizes small,medium or large. The bottom section of the grinder that catches the filtered herbs has been shaped with a full bowl like radius making the removal of the pollen much easier when compared to other grinder brands that have square corners.

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