Hurricane Basix Glass Bong

Hurricane Basix Glass Bong


This 1000ml ‘Hurricane Basix’ Glass Bong has 3 vortex chambers each with 2 air-jet holes to inject in a fine stream of air on both sides which serve to spin the smoke up into the chamber above, named Venturi-principle. The action greatly reduces smoke impurities as they are spun out and stick to the sides of the chambers.

  • Features: 6 Air-Jet Holes in 3 Vortex Chambers, Large Bore, Deep & Hollowed, Doubled Walled Bowl


►Material : Borosilicate Glass ✔

►Height : 465mm ✔

►Diameter : 45mm ✔

►Grind : SG 14 (14,5 mm) ✔

►Ice : NO

►Kickhole : YES ✔

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