Gleichdick 3 parts black purple Grinder 75mm

Gleichdick 3 parts black purple Grinder 75mm


The Gleichdick Grinder

A made in Austria and in every detail
thoughtful grinder, distinguished by its exceptional shape and
his convincing cutting result.

Better in use, better results
The Gleichdick shape offers in addition to the aesthetic component
also the big advantage of better power transmission.

Thanks to the high precision of the grinder and the advanced
Shape of the blades it possible to shred even the wettest herbs,
while only smeared in conventional grinders.

Super convenient
In the 3-part Gleichdick grinders, the sliced herbs fall, as soon as
they are small enough, through openings in the cutting unit into a
collecting container from which the herbs can be conveniently removed.

The cutting unit and the collecting container are firmly held together at
the corners by a plug-in system with three small magnets.

Powerful blades
All the Gleichdick grinders are anodised in color. Obtained by anodizing
all surfaces have a surface hardness of approx. 300HV. This ensures a long-lasting
sharpness of the blades.

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