Blaze Möbius Oil Bong with Percolator

Blaze Möbius Oil Bong with Percolator

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‘How does it work?” – The ‘Blaze’ ‘Möbius’ Oil Bong with a Möbius effect. It has a percolator which brings the forms of the mathematician Möbius to mind. An optical effect which challenges the mind. The subtly purple coloured percolator seems to be a closed object in the first instance, but it bubbles nevertheless.

The oil bong from the ‘Blaze’ range shows high quality workmanship. All in all a savvy design – and it works!

The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated only on the top, otherwise the grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.

►Material : Borosilicate Glass ✔

►Height : 254mm ✔

►Diameter : 25/75mm ✔

►Grind : SG 14F (14,5mm female) ✔

►Ice : NO

►Kickhole : NO

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