Bird Cage Recycle Bong

Bird Cage Recycle Bong


The new Black Leaf Bird Cage range – glass bongs with cage percolator – quality from Near Dark in a decorative box!

The Black Leaf Bird Cage Glass Pipe with Cage Percolator has a recycler chamber. While the water is drawn through the tubes and flows back into the main chamber, harmful substances get stuck to the wall. There is a whirl effect when the water runs back into the main chamber. The herb bowl with handle/rollstop as well as the cool cage design comes in a carton box, safely packed in a foam bed.

The cage percolator really makes the water sparkle!

Safe transportation and storage!

►Material : Borosilicate Glass ✔

►Height : 300mm ✔

►Grind : 14.5mm ✔

►Ice : NO

►Kickhole : NO

►Percolator : Cage Percolator ✔

►Other: With Recycle Chamber ✔

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