Artistic Pipes

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Artistic Glass Pipes

These hand-crafted artistic pipes are art in itself and will lighten up any collection.

From colorful to scene based designs these artistic pipes are made to make you go “wow”. Art glass captures the dance of light and color like nothing else. “Smoker culture” collaborations will make you remember special moments and will surely spark conversations.

One thing is certain. When you choose an Artistic Glass Piece, you are sure to add to the enjoyment of your smoking sessions because you will have something genuinely artistic and beautiful to discuss and examine with your smoking buddies.

Our many contemporary styles and creatively-designed smoking pieces are sure to make every session more interesting than the last!

Different Artists

We at Placebo Headshop collaborate with several glass artists in Luxembourg as well as worldwide artists and brands. We love to showcase talented artists and that’s why we provide any glass artist a possibility to sell their masterpieces on our website.  Glass Artists in Luxembourg like Fabien Jauget and worldwide unique pieces by Empire.