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Welcome to the Placebo Online Headshop!

You have found the right place to buy smoking accessories like bongs, grinders, vaporizers, grow material, and much more. We are passionate about what we do, and we would love to share that passion with you. Our team is constantly looking for the newest and coolest smoking trends. We welcome you to browse our shop and see for your self.


Bongs & Dabbing Rigs are a smoker’s coolest accessory, for fast smoking or a stylish and elevating smoking experience.

They come with a variety of accessories to improve your smoking, like splash guards, percolators, and more.

In America, smoking bongs has become a style for itself as fanatic fans are starting to make the craziest artistic bongs that can cost between 200€ – 10.000€.

We at Placebo Online Headshop love this trend, that’s why we are one of the first to bring this trend to Europe. We import famous glass artist’s bongs to Europe and sell them online in our online Headshop. We even give local glass blowing artists the chance to sell their work on our website.


If you like smoking without papers and filters, you might want to go for a pipe or a bong instead.

Smoking out of a pipe looks elegant and boss at the same time. But choosing the right one for you may be a challenge because there is so much choice… From color, to design and even form, there are so many options. That’s why we at Placebo offer you a broad selection of pipes, including glass pipes, wooden pipes, silicone pipes, and even limited artistic pipes.

If you are a collector, we also have the right pipes for you. Limited and handmade pipes by glass artists like, Fabien Jauget, empire, and much more.

For an easy and fast smoking experience or a rare limited collector item, we at Placebo Online headshop have it.


If you use Herbs, in any form, you might come to the problem that you need it in small piece. Grinders are made just for that. Even with grinders, there are several options. Small or big, metal, plastic, or wooden or even grinders that are unlike the others, The Lift grinder for example which uses blades to grind your material. We have some that look like Darth Vader if you prefer something a grinder that is cool looking. If you are a smoker that smokes with style, you need to have a cool grinder in your collection.